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A digital learning environment that teaches reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills.

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Learning Center Features

Abundant Content

Thousands of engaging interactive assignments that teach reading, vocabulary, and English skills.

Varied Materials

Including lessons, practice activities, mastery tests, discussions, videos, ebooks, audiobooks and more.

Helpful Assessments

Reading, vocabulary, and English tests identify students’ strengths and inform class instruction.

Acclaimed Textbooks

eBooks of all our texts, each with bookmarking, highlighting, and annotation capabilities.

Valuable Supplements

Instructor editions & PowerPoints for our texts and study guides & audiobooks for our paperbacks.

Standards Alignment

Meets state standards for college and career readiness for adult learners and students in grades 6-12.

Flexible Settings

Assignments, tests, and items can be optimized for individual students, small groups, or entire classes.

Score Reporting

Individual and class scores are available 24-7. Elapsed time and progress data is also available.

Administrative Controls

Available site coordinator controls allow designated admins to oversee and monitor program use.

LMS Compatibility

The Learning Center offers LMS single sign-on (SSO) via LTI. Clever & Google Sign-on are also supported.

Accessibility Minded

Content was developed with WCAG standards in mind, and a full VPAT is available upon request.

Live Technical Support

Prompt, friendly support is available to Learning Center users via phone, email, or Zoom.