Learning Center Features for Students

A Pathway to Success

Want to become a stronger reader? You’ve come to the right place! More than a million students and tens of thousands educators have used our Learning Center to develop the language skills needed for success in the classroom and the workplace. Our interactive assignments will strengthen your reading, vocabulary, and grammar skills. With practice, you will increase your reading comprehension, improve your performance on standardized tests, and enhance your ability to express yourself. All you need to get started is a student account. Create one here.

An Approach that Makes Sense  

At Townsend Press, we know Developmental English, Reading, and Language Arts. They’re our specialty! All our materials—in print and online—are conceived, written, and edited by veteran educators who understand the demands of the classroom and have experience in helping students succeed. Our focus makes the Learning Center the simplest, most practical, and most engaging learning system of its kind available today. Try it yourself and see!

Student-friendly Price and Convenience

The Learning Center is available 24–7 and works on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Standard practice materials require no fee or purchase to use. All you need to get started is an e-mail address and an up-to-date device with internet access. Click here for specific requirements.

Useful Results

The Learning Center records your progress and scores as you work. In addition, it provides you with helpful explanations for each practice item you complete. These comments both explain answers and teach you the strategies needed for each skill. If you have trouble on a particular skill, you’ll have the opportunity to complete additional exercises (or retake the original ones) in order to master it. This combination of practice and explanation will strengthen your reading and vocabulary skills!