Privacy Policy

Townsend Press Values Your Privacy

Personal information entered into the Learning Center is not sold, traded, or shared. It is used solely by Townsend Press to provide better services to students and teachers. From the Learning Center’s inception in 2004 to this very day, we have maintained the following policy regarding privacy:

  • Townsend Press limits the data it stores. The only data the Learning Center retains is login information AND class/progress data. Login information is encrypted. Student class/progress data is stored in a format that is meaningless outside the Learning Center. Moreover, sensitive student data often kept by school and college systems (social security numbers, demographic data, standardized tests scores, family information, etc.) as well as purchasing details (credit card numbers, home addresses, etc.) are NOT in the Learning Center—and never will be. 
  • Student data is retained for education purposes only. Student data is kept in the Learning Center for two reasons: a) to allow students to access content, and b) to serve the instructional and grading needs of teachers. Both reasons fit under the umbrella of serving "school purposes." Student data is used for no other purpose than to serve students and teachers.
  • Student data is protected by industry accepted standards. Our systems are protected by firewalls and security keys that prevent unauthorized access. We maintain tight, compartmentalized access control over all employees allowed to access our systems. Offsite backups are encrypted in flight and at rest. Finally, Townsend Press does not employ any contractors or outside parties with access to our Learning Center systems or data. 
  • Credit card data is not stored in the Learning Center. We use Stripe to process credit card purchases. No credit card details are ever transmitted from the Learning Center. If you purchased subscription services from this site (, please refer to Stripe's terms of service at:
  • Parents and adult students can request deletion of student data at any time Simply request deletion by email at or by calling us directly at (888) 752–6410. We will need to verify your identity in order to fulfill your request. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us.

Last updated: 1/1/2023