Unit One Chapter 2: Nate the Woodsman
Final Check

Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the reading below. Then click "continue." Note: each word is used once.
Nate the Woodsman

Nate had spent most of his seventy years in the woods. As a young man, he had the alternative of working in the city with his brother. But he decided that (1) life was not for him. He preferred to (2) himself from others and find (3) in nature, far from the crowds and noise of the city. He was more than willing to (4) such advantages as flushing toilets and computers for the joy of watching a sunrise (5) the frozen pines.

Because Nate had lived alone for so long, his behavior was (6). For example, one minute he’d be very quiet, and the next he’d (7) at length about his youth. His knowledge of nature was (8), and so I learned much from him through the years.

Picture of someone picking a mushroom.I will tell you an anecdote that shows how wise he was about the woods. One evening Nate, my cousin Arthur, and I were crossing a meadow. Arthur’s interest in some little white mushrooms that were growing there led to this (9):

“These mushrooms look so good,” said Arthur. “Did you ever use them, Nate?”

“Yep,” said Nate. “My ma used to cook ’em up.”

“Great!” said Arthur. Nate’s words seemed to (10) Arthur’s desire for those mushrooms. He gathered about a hundred of them. “How’d she fix them?” he asked Nate.

“Cooked ’em up in sugar water.”

“Really? And then you ate them that way?”

“Ate ’em?” Nate was horrified. “You crazy? We used to put ’em in a bowl on the table to kill flies!”

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