Unit One Chapter 1: Taking Exams
Final Check

Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the reading below. Then click "continue." Note: each word is used once.
Taking Exams 

There are four test-taking methods to consider when faced with exams. The first is to impress your teachers with very clever answers. For example, you might respond to any question beginning with the word “Why” with a simple, (1) reply: “Why not?” This is not recommended, however, unless you know that your instructor has a remarkable sense of humor. A second method is to avoid answering the questions at all. You might try writing something like, “Should teachers (2) students to take tests? Doesn’t this go against our great American tradition of freedom? Besides, anyone who wants answers to these questions can find the information on the internet.” This method should not be used unless you are in (3) need, as it involves a great deal of risk. It is (4) only if you have shown yourself to be very brilliant throughout the course and you are the teacher’s pet. Otherwise, you can expect your teacher to fail you. A third way of dealing with a test is to be (5) and admit helplessness. According to one (6), a student openly (7) ignorance by writing, “Only God knows the answer to this question.” Unfortunately, the instructor’s response was, “God gets an A. You get an F.” The fact is, none of these three methods works very well. If you truly want to (8) failure, you have no (9)—you must (10) with school rules. The fourth method is the only sure-fire one for dealing with exams: study hard and learn the material.

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