Chapter 3: Implied Main Ideas
Exercise 2


Read the passage. Then click on the implied main idea of the selection.


1. (1) Three men decided to go moose hunting. (2) They hired a small plane to take them into the forest. (3) Before the hunters left their plane, the pilot gave them a warning. (4) “We can only take one moose on this plane,” he said. (5) “Don’t bring more than one back with you.” (6) When the men returned to the plane later that day, they each had one moose. (7) The pilot was not happy. (8) “We can’t take all three,” he said. (9) “We will have to leave two behind.” (10) The men grumbled. (11) “That’s what you said last year,” they told the pilot. (12) “But you let us take two more for $100 extra.” (13) The pilot took the $100 and loaded the three huge moose onto the plane. (14) Shortly after the plane took off, it plunged into the trees in a fiery crash. (15) “Where are we?” asked one of the injured hunters. (16) “Just a few feet from where we crashed last year,” said the pilot.
The implied main idea is that
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