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A New Academic Support Program!


Stepping Up

This practical, user-friendly program aims to help students successfully transition to college. Offering hands-on practice in key academic areas, Stepping Up prepares students for the demands of their college courses.

Available now to students and approved instructors—at no charge!  

Time Management

Stepping Up uses surveys, a mock schedule, sample syllabi (complete with deadlines), and an academic calendar to familiarize students with the many demands college will put on their time. Accompanying activities help students learn to prioritize, schedule, and plan for tasks weeks or months in advance. The goal: to equip students with the time management strategies they'll need to thrive in college from day one. 

Available now in the Learning Center! 


Stepping Up features audio lectures from a variety of academic disciplines, giving students hands-on practice taking and evaluating notes—a scenario they are likely to experience many times in college. Accompanying activities then coach students on how to recognize cues that speakers use to signal important information and related concepts. Using Stepping Up, students will know what to look and listen for in class so they can take better, more complete notes. 

Available now in the Learning Center!

Study Skills

Studying is an essential activity in college. Unfortunately, many students don't know how to do it effectively. Stepping Up prepares students to study by first introducing them to key concepts about how learning and memory function. Building on this research, Stepping Up goes on to provide practice activities that teach students different ways to store and recall information from memory. Activities also work to help students create study plans, evaluate their own knowledge, and prepare for tests.  

Available now in the Learning Center!

Test-Taking and Active Reading

Drawing from a vast pool of cross-disciplinary textbook passages, Stepping Up will teach active reading strategies for learners via direct practice with actual college texts. Instruction in identifying main ideas, supporting details, key transitions, and more will be provided. In addition, Stepping Up will include a learning module devoted to test-taking. Topics covered will include test anxiety, item-specific strategies, and ways to build and gauge test readiness. 

Coming Soon! 

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