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Ten Steps Plus

The most comprehensive collection of
digital resources we’ve ever offered.

A collection of powerful digital resources
that brings the Ten Steps Series—and a
full eBook library—to your fingertips!

The best sequence of books for teaching

college reading skills


It’s a fact. Many students arrive at college unprepared for college-level reading. When this happens, educators and students turn to the Ten Steps Series from Townsend Press. Why? It works!

Proven, research-based, and affordable, the Ten Steps Series is the best sequence of books to prepare students for college success. And now it is stronger than ever with new editions and Ten Steps Plus.

Ten Steps eBooks

Educators know Ten Steps is the leading series of books for teaching college-level reading. A subscription to Ten Steps Plus includes access to the entire series! eBooks are accessed inside the Learning Center and include bookmarking, highlighting, and note-taking capabilities.

The Readings Bank

Ten Steps Plus comes with 15 new readings complete with Lexile scores and reading comprehension and writing assignments. These readings retain the same lively, high-interest quality of our books. See for yourself today with your instructor account. Don’t have one? Visit and create one.

The Skills Bank

Want to teach a unit on main ideas? Looking to offer a learning module on inferences? Need students in your co-requisite class to brush up on supporting details? The Skills Bank makes it easy. Featuring the full array of online exercises and tests from the Ten Steps Series, the Skills Bank lets you choose the skill(s), level(s), and sequence you want to teach.

The Townsend Library

To become stronger readers, students need to read. With Ten Steps Plus, they can. Access to eBooks of 100+ titles in the popular Townsend Library is included. Assign a novel or two in class and host an online discussion. It’s all part of Ten Steps Plus.

Exercises and Mastery Tests*

The Learning Center has long hosted thousands of exercise and test items aligned with the Ten Steps Series to teach reading skills.

*These materials are now part of Ten Steps Plus and require a paid subscription to access.

College Reading Tests that help you assess students’ specific skills and guide class instruction.
Thousands of interactive items complete with annotations that teach the reading skills you select.
Integrated mastery tests and alternate mastery tests linked directly to skills taught in the books/ eBooks—and written by the author of the texts.
The Townsend eBook Reader, a browser-based reader that allows students to read, bookmark, highlight, and annotate their Townsend Press eBooks.
Enhanced controls that allow you to easily create classes, configure assignments, manage enrollment, and record progress.
Open-ended assignments now include writing prompts and hosted discussions for Townsend Library titles, allowing students to interact with readings and classmates to facilitate learning.
$30 $15 $30 $36
Subscription duration (none) 4 months 10 months 10 months
Printed Ten Steps textbook with skills, practice exercises, tests, and readings
Additional printable tests (in downloadable Instructor’s Manual/Test Bank)
PowerPoint Presentations
(available to instructors for downloading)
Ten Steps Series E-books
(6 textbooks)
Townsend Library E-books
(over 100 novels)
Digital Practice Exercises
Digital Mastery Tests
Ten Steps Plus Skills Bank
Ten Steps Plus Readings Bank
Digital class management, assignments, and grading

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