Vocabulary Plus

An online vocabulary-building
program from Townsend Press

Powered by TP’s acclaimed Vocabulary Series,
Vocabulary Plus features complete, up-to-date content of
9 acclaimed textbooks—for the price of one!*

*FREE UPGRADE: Whenever books are expanded or revised, subscribers and license holders for Vocabulary Plus receive instant access to this new material at no charge.

There’s power in words.

You know this. Unfortunately many students don’t have this power because they don’t know enough words. Vocabulary Plus can help you change that!

What’s Vocabulary Plus?

Vocabulary Plus is a web-based digital program that brings all the content of our powerful, proven, standards-aligned vocabulary texts to your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

With Vocabulary Plus, students can access the entire TP Vocabulary Series online—without need for books or paper!


With Vocabulary Plus you put that
power in students’ hands.

Teaching more than 1,700 words, for students in middle school through college, Vocabulary Plus puts our famously clear, user-friendly Vocabulary books at students’ fingertips 24–7.


And now it's even stronger with Vocabulary Plus—Independent Study (VPi).

Vocabulary Plus—Independent Study (VPi) brings individualized assessment, automated assignment selection, and adaptive lessons to your classes—all with a single click!

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What’s Included in Vocabulary Plus

Everything in our books PLUS more. With a subscription to Vocabulary Plus, students gain access to all these NEW features:

Encouragement and Feedback: Each Vocabulary Plus exercise features instructive feedback to help teach students. In addition, VPi lists students' accomplishments on the Achievements section of their homepage, giving them a lively record of their progress as they work. Learn more here.
Integrated eBooks: A subscription to Vocabulary Plus includes eBooks of all nine texts in the TP Vocabulary Series. If you prefer the layout of a book and want to refer to content of a specific page, you can do so with a click. With Vocabulary Plus, the entire Vocabulary Series is at your fingertips.
Expanded Chapter Exercises for the nine books in our Vocabulary Series. Depending on the titles, this includes anywhere from 6-8 interactive, instructive activities! Each includes item-specific feedback that helps students learn their new words.
Word Parts Chapters that teach prefixes, suffixes, and word roots. Students who learn these word parts will be able to decipher the meanings of thousands of other words in which they appear.
Unit Reviews include crossword puzzles, analogies, and synonym and antonym activities adapted from the printed books.
Sentence Writing Activities, all new for Vocabulary Plus, allow students to compose sentences online to show their understanding of newly-learned words.
Online Tests: Two online tests, unique to the web and not found in our texts, are available for each chapter in Vocabulary Plus. With these tests, Vocabulary Plus actually offers more content than our books!
Enhanced Items: Items in Vocabulary Plus take advantage of new, upgraded technical capabilities. Sentence Check 2 and Final Check, for example, offer more challenging answer choices. In addition, Vocabulary in Context items now provide students with two context sentences to help them infer each word’s meaning at the start of the chapter.
Review Words: Words taught in earlier chapters are reinforced later as Vocabulary Review words. Review words refresh students’ memories and help them retain what they learned in previous chapters. In addition, SAT and GRE high-frequency words are given extra attention—an added real-world connection!
Audio and Visual Support: Each vocabulary word in Vocabulary Plus includes a pronunciation guide AND a clickable audio link of the word being spoken. In addition, many words also feature lively pictures to help students better understand and remember their meanings. See for yourself!
Intuitive Controls: People who use our Learning Center remark about how user-friendly it is. Vocabulary Plus is just as simple to use—and even more powerful. Try it today!

Data and Score Reporting

Vocabulary Plus Independent Study provides educators with comprehensive class and individual progress data. It also allows students to see and track their accomplishments. Here's some of the data provided:

Weekly Progress Summary: Students can view their weekly and cumulative results each time they sign in. Summaries include average scores, number of words mastered, assignments completed, and amount of time spent working.
Detailed Activity Feed: Teachers can view a detailed Activity Log for each student. The log shows which assignments students completed, when and how long they worked, and the scores they achieved. Items that challenged students appear in gray, alerting teachers to areas in which students may need assistance.
Achievement Tracking: To motivate and encourage students, VPi awards achievement badges. High scores, chapter and test completion, levelling up, and mastering words are events for which badges are awarded.

Class Score Reports Teachers can access detailed class reports at any time. They include students' initial assessment results; the number of activities, chapters, and units they've completed; the scores for each, along with the amount of time they've worked; and any achievements they've earned. Individual and class averages are also provided.

Vocabulary Series
Short Version
— OR —
Long Version
Short Version
— OR —
Long Version
Subscription duration (none) 10 months 10 months
Printed Vocabulary Series textbook with lessons, skills, practice exercises, and unit tests
Continuous instruction in the Words-in-Context approach
Additional printable tests (in downloadable Instructor’s Manual/Test Bank)
PowerPoint Presentations
(available to instructors for downloading)
Vocabulary Series E-books
(9 textbooks)
Digital chapter exercises complete with practice exercises, word parts chapters and chapter / unit tests
Digital open-ended sentence completion activities
Access to Vocabulary Plus Independent Study (VPi) adaptive digital word-building program
Digital class management, assignments, and grading

Tell me more. The details about Vocabulary Plus.

What Do Students Need in Order to Use Vocabulary Plus?

A computer, tablet device, or smartphone that has Internet access and a current web browser, such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Students will also need a valid subscription, which can be purchased online at any time from Townsend Press.

How Much Does a Subscription to Vocabulary Plus Cost?

$11.90 per student. This is less than the cost of a single printed text! And it gives users full access to electronic content that covers all nine books in TP’s Vocabulary Series. Subscriptions last 10 months from the time students activate them.

How Do I Purchase a Subscription?

Subscriptions can be purchased from our website just as a book can. Similarly, orders for subscriptions can be placed by phone or fax with a standard purchase order. School or district purchases can be handled via phone, fax, or the website. Bookstores can purchase Vocabulary Plus subscription kits that can be stocked and sold to students. In addition, students can now purchase subscriptions within the Learning Center. There's an option for everyone.

Can I Get a Demonstration?

Certainly! Vocabulary Plus includes a free 14 day trial. This means you and your students can use it for free for two weeks!

If you have an instructor account in our Learning Center, you have full access to Vocabulary Plus right now. Simply sign in and click the “Materials” menu and then select “Assignments.” You’ll see the full list of available assignments in the Vocabulary Series. Vocabulary Plus content will be marked clearly. You can also assign Vocabulary Plus to your students just as you would any other textbook assignments.

If you would like to review this material but don’t have an account, visit this link and follow the directions to create one. Once your account has been verified, you’ll have Plus access too. Of course, if you have questions, call us at (888) 752-6410 or email us at We hope to hear from you.

Want to learn more?

Here's a complete brochure along with pricing information. We invite you to check it out!