Vocabulary Plus Is Live!

August 08, 2014

The public beta of Vocabulary Plus is over. Students now need a subscription in order to access Vocabulary Plus.

However, to minimize disruption at the beginning of the semester/academic year, a TWO WEEK TRIAL PERIOD will be automatically granted to any student enrolled in a class in which Vocabulary Plus has been assigned.

This non-renewable trial period, similar to the drop/add period at most colleges, allows students to work on Vocabulary Plus for 14 days without a subscription. This is provided as a courtesy to students who often need extra time to finalize their course schedule and purchase materials. Once this period expires, free access to Vocabulary Plus will end. This will be communicated clearly to students each time they log in to the Learning Center.

In addition to the free trial, several other features have been added to Vocabulary Plus. These include pretests and posttests for each book and each unit. We also added “reminders” to every chapter’s Matching Words with Definitions activity so students can refer back to context sentences when completing these items.

With the release of this new material, educators now have two ways to use TP’s popular Vocabulary Series: online or in print. A few other enhancements will be added to Vocabulary Plus this fall—including an “independent mode” that will automatically assess and assign students to the appropriate text without need for teacher involvement. Note: we’re very excited about this!

Stay tuned for details.

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