We’ve made some upgrades!

October 07, 2016

We’ve made some upgrades! Here’s what’s new:

1. Vocabulary Plus Independent Study (VPi) scoring has been enhanced. Unit and chapter test averages are now available--along with a detailed log of each student’s VPi progress. Scores in VPi are now as detailed as they are in the classic textbook approach. 

2. Managing student accounts is easier. Enrollment changes and student account edits can now be made inside classes. Click the Students icon in any of your classes to see new management tools. And if you use them and accidentally drop a student, we’ve added a new “undo” feature so you can correct your mistake.

3. Score reporting has been streamlined. Individual student scores and class scores are now in the same place: on the reports tab of each class. Click the Reports icon and you’ll see scores are easier to find than ever!

That’s not all.  Other upgrades are in the works. Stay tuned for details! 


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