College Reading Essentials is here. Free trials are available.

January 01, 2018

Attention Educators:

Townsend Press just added something special to the Learning Center. It's called College Reading Essentials (CRE), and it's available now for a free trial to high school and college reading classes. 

About College Reading Essentials CRE is a concise digital or print-based reading program that takes students' reading level from where it is to where it needs to be for college-level work. Intended for aspiring college students reading below level, CRE focuses on seven key skills needed for college readiness. The digital version, College Reading Essentials—Plus, features an adaptive independent study mode so students can work at their own pace and skill level.  Click here for a full brochure or a sample chapter.

For a free class trial of CRE, email a request to We'll respond within 2 business days with details. 

Thank you for your attention—and your effort on behalf of students. We hope you enjoy CRE!

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