English Essentials Plus is Being Upgraded. Introducing...English Plus!

February 21, 2019

Coming this May, English Plus will upgrade and replace English Essentials Plus and bring a number of new features to your fingertips!  Existing subscribers and license holders for English Essentials Plus and Plus—Total Access will receive an automatic upgrade to English Plus as soon as it is released. 


Here's What's Included in English Plus:


NEW Three Acclaimed Ebooks

English Plus includes our newly expanded writing text, Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e. In addition, it contains both of our acclaimed grammar titles: English Essentials and English Essentials, Short Version, 2/e. These three ebooks are accessed inside the Learning Center and include bookmarking, highlighting, markup, and note-taking capabilities. Available May 2019.


NEW Clear Thinking Tests

Available May 2019, twenty-five progressive online tests on the basics of clear and logical thinking are included with this subscription to English Plus. These tests—250 point-support items in all—gradually increase in difficulty, enabling students to systematically strengthen their logical thinking skills.




NEW Bonus Readings

Five bonus reading selections, each with comprehension and discussion questions and writing assignments, are included with English Plus. In addition, English Plus will feature a regularly updated collection of new readings that will address topics of concern in our ever-changing world. Available May 2019.





NEW Instructional Video

English Plus comes with an instructional video that introduces students to the idea of making and supporting a point. Crafted to be hands-on, practical, and entertaining for middle school, high school, and college audiences, the video will be a valuable resource for students working to learn the basics of critical thinking.


Grammar Skills Assessments

Two tests of students’ written English language skills have just joined our other assessments. Easy to administer and directly aligned with the skills in English Plus, these tests can guide individual and class instruction. And our transparent, teacher-friendly score reports reveal exactly which items challenged students and which ones they’ve mastered.

English Essentials Print / Digital Items

By request, hundreds of activities from Part One and Part Two of English Essentials have been added to English Plus. These items join our existing exercises and tests to give educators the ability to assign and grade all material electronically.




English Essentials Digital Exclusives

English Plus comes with digital bonus items to accompany both editions of English Essentials. These exclusively digital resources include four exercises and two tests for key skill chapters in our grammar texts. They serve to deepen and reinforce each skill presented in the text or ebooks. Together with the book-based items, students will have ample practice with each skill.



The Learning Center

Class administration, enrollment controls, score reports, and our famously-clear, student-friendly content make the Learning Center a top choice. With English Plus, those features now can be used to teach English, grammar, and thinking skills. Try it today and see for yourself!



Want to Know More?

Get details about pricing and features here, or email us at support@townsendpress.com. You can also call us at (888) 752–6410 on weekdays between 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern time. We hope to hear from you! 
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