Welcome Back! Here's What's New in Fall 2019

September 04, 2019

Welcome back, educators! Here's what's new in the Learning Center this fall. 

For Vocabulary Plus and the Vocabulary Series:

  • Exercises, tests, and review items for all levels/titles in Vocabulary Plus have been updated to match the newly-released printed textbooks.
  • eBooks for all new titles are now available in Vocabulary Plus (previous editions are also supported).
  • Instructor's Manual/Test Banks are now available for all new titles. Get them at Materials-->Supplements. 
  • Updated PowerPoints for all titles are in development now. An announcement will be posted here when they are available. 

For English Plus and Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e:

  • All-new practice items, exercises, tests, and an instructional video have been added to English Plus to accompany Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e. This material can also be used with other titles under English Plus, too.
  • eBooks for Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e, English Essentials, and English Essentials, Short Version, 2/e are now available in English Plus
  • The Instructor's Manual/Test Bank for Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e, is now available. Get it at Materials-->Supplements.
  • PowerPoints for Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e are in development now.  

For Ten Steps Plus and Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, 7/e:

Do you have questions about these resources? Would you like assistance in finding or using them? Email us at support@townsendpress.com, or call us toll-free at (888) 752-6410. We wish you a wonderful and productive academic year. Thanks for using the Learning Center—and choosing Townsend Press. 

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